Tailings and Spoils, Avoca, Co Wicklow

IMC'S TAILINGS AND SPOILS AVOCA, Co Wicklow (PL 3849 and PL 3850)

The Avoca mines have left a legacy of spoil heaps on the landscape with gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc that has, until now, been unrecoverable.

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Up to date progress:

  • IMC undertook an investigation of the spoil heaps at Avoca in order to complete an MRE.
  • The JORC Compliant MRE report shows, inter alia, significant tonnage (1,871,000t) of pre crushed rock and grades of gold (0.3g/t), copper (.14%), silver (9ppm) and lead (0.42%) in the spoil heaps on the eastern half of the site. 
  • This equates to c.20,000ozs of Gold, 2.6k tonnes of Copper and 7.8k tonnes of Lead and 600k ozs of Silver.


  • CSA Global Pty Ltd (CSA Global) completed the MRE
  • The sample density has allowed the MRE to be classified as an Inferred Resource and is reported in accordance with the JORC Code (2012). The classification of the MRE was carried out taking into consideration the volumes of the spoils heaps, the nature and spacing of the sampling and density data. 
  • The MRE is based on data from sample pits, dug with an excavator and reflecting representative vertical intervals throughout the spoils heaps.

 Inferred Mineral Resource estimate (all tonnages reported with no cut-off grade applied)

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  • Sampling by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) and Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. (CDM) has shown that significant quantities of gold, lead and copper remain in the spoil heaps.  The CDM report states “The seepage from the Mount Platt spoils indicate that the spoils are acid generating resulting in seeps with low pH (typically < 3) and very high concentrations of copper, zinc, and lead.” *
  • An Irish Government report (Tellus Survey) which confirms high levels of gold in streams near the Gold Mine River (IMC Pl3857) and Avoca region (IMC Pl3850,3849). The Tellus Survey further identifies high gold values in streams that flow across and along the edges of the Leinster granite, a complex area long thought to be a source for the gold mineralisation inthe region.
  • There is currently a collaboration with the Raw Materials Research Group at Trinity College Dublin and IMC. Their research into resolving the paragenesis of gold in Caledonian terranes across Ireland identified the gold-rich Kilmacoo zone at the northeast end of the Avoca Mine property, intersecting 19 meters of quartz veined schist with 2.88 g/t Au and 16.6 g/t Ag (Milner and McArdle, 1992).
  • The site was further explored by Riofinex and although no resource was published by Riofinex. Furthermore, on the same site, Milner and McArdle (1992) state that a (non-compliant) resource of up to 500,000t at up to 2 g/t Au may be present over a 125 meter strike length, equivalent to over 35,000ozs of gold. This is in addition to the area covered by the MRE.

            * Irish Government Report – CDM Report 

An Irish government commissioned report indicates the spoils (c.1m cubic meters spread over 28 ha) contain significant concentrations of copper (56-11,344 milligrams per kilogram [mg/kg]), zinc (44-7,404 mg/kg), lead (112-41,353 mg/kg), and arsenic (18-3,903 mg/kg). Analyses of seepage from the Mount Platt spoils (c 1m tons) indicate that the spoils are acid generating resulting in seeps with low pH (typically < 3) and very high concentrations of copper, zinc, iron and aluminium.

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IMC Exploration Group plc (IMC) is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange market (Ticker: IMC). IMC has a Mineral Resource that is classified as ‘inferred’ and has been reported in accordance with the JORC Code (2012). IMC holds properties in southeast Ireland that are highly prospective for gold, copper and other base metals. These include the world famous historic Avoca copper mine.

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