DJ IMC Exploration Group Plc Annual Financial Report -2-

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Charge for period - (1,465) 0 (1,465)
Disposal - - 0 0


At 30 June 2016                                                                        -     (6,125)    (38,738)    (44,863) 
Net book value 
At 30 June 2016                                                                  524,724           0           0     524,724 
Expenditure on exploration activities is deferred on areas of interest until a 
reasonable assessment can be determined of the existence or otherwise of 
economically recoverable reserves. No amortisation has been charged in the 
period. The directors have reviewed the carrying value of the exploration and 
evaluation assets and consider it to be fairly stated and not impaired at 30 
June 2016. The recoverability of the exploration and evaluation assets is 
dependent on the successful development of the group's licence areas. 
3.   Share capital - Group and Company 
                                                                                           30-Jun-16               30-Jun-15 
                                                                                                Euro                    Euro 
200,000,000 Ordinary shares of Euro 0.001 each                                               200,000                 200,000 
50,000 "A" Ordinary shares of One Euro each                                                   50,000                  50,000 
                                                                                             250,000                 250,000 
Issued, called up and fully paid 
                                                                                           Number of       Share       Share 
                                                                                              shares     Capital     Premium 
                                                                                                            Euro        Euro 
Euro 0.001 Ordinary Shares 
As at 30 June 2015                                                                        74,316,719      74,317   1,739,769 
Issued in period                                                                          33,500,000      33,500     313,604 
As at 30 June 2016                                                                       107,816,719     107,817   2,053,373 
Issued, called up and partly paid 
                                                                                           Number of       Share       Share 
                                                                                              shares     Capital     Premium 
                                                                                                            Euro        Euro 
One Euro A Ordinary Shares 
As at 30 June 2015                                                                            38,093      38,093           - 
Issued in period                                                                                   -           -           - 
As at 30 June 2016                                                                            38,093      38,093           - 
"A" Ordinary Shares have the right to receive notice of and attend but not to 
vote at general meetings, no right to a dividend, right to return of capital 
but no further right to participate in a distribution of assets of the company. 
The directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this 
Contact Details: 
IMC Exploration Group PLC 
Mr. Liam McGrattan 
Tel.  Ireland +353 872745427 
This announcement is distributed by PR Newswire on behalf of the company. 
The issuer of this announcement warrants that they are solely responsible for 
the content, accuracy and originality of the information contained therein. 


About IMC Exploration

IMC Exploration Group plc (IMC) is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange market (Ticker: IMC). IMC has a Mineral Resource that is classified as ‘inferred’ and has been reported in accordance with the JORC Code (2012). IMC holds properties in southeast Ireland that are highly prospective for gold, copper and other base metals. These include the world famous historic Avoca copper mine.

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